After Ramadan drama.. Family movies that we advise you to watch on Eid


After a heavy dose of Arab drama throughout the month of Ramadan, and with the advent of Eid, viewers usually look for some foreign films to entertain themselves away from Arab plots and even foreign multi-episode series, and while some choose to go to theaters, others prefer to enjoy watching at home. accompanied by family or friends.

If you are among those, here is a list of the most interesting and latest foreign films that we advise you to watch, available on various broadcasting platforms.

Movies to watch on netflix.

Adam Project for adults and children

Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Walker Scoble; They are the protagonists of one of the latest Netflix films, The Adam Project, which is suitable for family viewing starting at the age of 13, which was well received by the audience and critics due to its good dramatic narration and its good blend of drama and comedy without compromising the story.

The plot is science fiction, as the protagonist is a pilot living in the year 2050, on a mission to what time travel becomes. Although he accidentally travels to 2022, meeting the younger version of him helps him accomplish what he’s striving for, while also improving some important old family relationships.

A child in the space age

If your child is a fan of space movies, he will be happy to watch “Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood,” especially if you know that it was written and directed by Richard Linklater, who has previously presented similar works such as Awakening. (Waking Life) and A Scanner Darkly.

The work revolves around a man telling stories about his life when he was a child of ten in 1969 in Texas, between a tale about a trip to the moon and the impact of the space age on crowds at that time, and another about pop culture in the suburbs, and a third about the rapid changes taking place in the world, and thus the stories he weaves continue Linklater from his memories, and if reality and imagination overlap, will the viewer realize the line dividing them?

Marilyn Monroe’s secret

As for documentaries buffs, we recommend the movie “The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes”, which was released a few days ago. It revolves around the life of the iconic American actress “Marilyn Monroe” and the mystery of her life up to her sudden and exciting death at a young age, a story told through recordings, archival footage and unseen interviews with old friends of Monroe.

Movies available on HBO Max

For fans of psychological drama

“Every Breath You Take” is a thriller and exciting drama film, directed by Vaughn Stein, written by David Murray, and starring Casey Affleck, Sam Claflin and Michelle Monaghan. The story of the film revolves around a psychiatrist whose patient commits suicide, which results in the deceased’s brother becoming close to the doctor’s family, which in turn results in many family disturbances and complications, and events follow.

A new moral dilemma in “Asghar Farhadi”

“A hero” is a French-Iranian drama film written and directed by Asghar Farhadi. It tells about Rahim, who goes to prison as a result of his accumulated debts, before he gets a short opportunity to go on a short vacation to meet his family and convince the religion to give up their lost rights. Unless he calculated that he would be exposed to several unexpected situations during which his instinct and convictions would be tested, to find himself between two choices between victory for dignity and honesty or escaping from punishment and losing his self-respect.

Movies available on “Disney Plus”

Between the chaos of adolescence and the positives of rebellion

Despite all the attacks and accusations against Pixar’s latest production, “Turning Red”, those who watched it, from parents to psychiatrists, loved it and found it suitable for adolescence and attempts to create a modern bridge between parents and their children and understand their psychological psychology

The events of the work tell about a 13-year-old girl of Chinese origin, who lives her life as usual, before she experiences psychological and physical changes that occur to her as she enters the stage of adolescence, and here her life is completely reversed, as she discovers a legend running in the blood of her family, allowing her to turn into a panda. Giant red whenever she feels angry, shy or irritable.

And between her family’s attempts to limit this in preparation for getting rid of it, and the girl’s hormonal changes and her own dreams that force her to resort to rebellion if necessary, everyone collide, so do they find a language of dialogue that connects them, or does adolescence end with a break in the ties between the two parties?

Imagine yourself as a video game champion

If you are a fan of fantasy films, you should not miss watching the movie “Free Guy”, which combines suspense, excitement, and a very new plot. It earned more than $331 million in revenue, and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

The film takes place in the virtual world of a famous video game, the heroes of which think that the world in which they live is the real world, but an unexpected intersection occurs between the original and the fantasy worlds. Right to its owners.


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