The journey of the unknown began with “drug cultivation” and ended with a decision to deport him to a country that does not exist.. a Yugoslavian surrenders himself to the Australian authorities after 33 years of escape.. the judiciary decides to imprison him until December 2022 and then deport him.. and his lawyer: he has no country left to return to



A strange paradox experienced by a Yugoslav prison in Australia, where he was imprisoned in 1992 and escaped before the end of his sentence, to decide to surrender himself to the police due to his inability to work and support himself in light of the spread of the restrictions of the closure of the Corona epidemic, and the Australian judiciary surprised him with the decision to deport him immediately after the end of his prison sentence, But his country is no longer on the map.

Prison escapee Darko Desic fled NSW jail out of fear of deportation to war-town Yugoslavia, court told |  The West Australian

According to The Independent, Darko Disick, a citizen of the former Yugoslavia, has been evading arrest since 1992 when he was released from prison while serving a 33-month sentence for growing marijuana. Now 64-year-old Disick surrendered to police in September after Sydney was shut down due to an outbreak Corona, which left him unemployed and homeless.

As Disick was walking through the police station in the suburb of Beach de La Maza to serve 14 months of his remaining prison sentence, he admitted to escaping from Grafton prison by using a hacksaw blade to cut the bars of his cell window and using bolt cutters he found in a shed on the prison grounds, and breaching the fence. The ocean, as was said before the District Court in Sydney yesterday.

The investigative judge at the Sydney Central District Court ruled an additional two months for Disick for escaping from prison, with a maximum sentence of 10 years for the crime.

The judge heard Disick’s escape story due to “real fears” that once his prison term ended, he would be deported to his homeland, then known as Yugoslavia and that upon his return, he would have had to join the army during the 1991-95 war. It led to the dissolution of Yugoslavia, which was made up of a federation of seven republics grouped together.


During the conflict, which led to the creation of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia, more than 100,000 people lost their lives, according to human rights reports.

Outside Sydney court, Disick’s lawyer, Paul McGuire, said he received a letter from the Australian Border Force that he would be deported shortly after his release from prison in December 2022 but since his country no longer exists, it is unclear who Where will he be deported?

“Considering that he has no same country left to go back to being from Yugoslavia I hope someone with a bit of common sense will look into it,” McGuire said. “However, we are seeking clemency from the attorney general and governor general.” …and this is in the process now.”

McGuire said Disick had lived and worked well in Sydney’s trendy North Beach suburb, earning “love and respect” from his community, adding that his client had committed no further crimes but lived under constant fear and burden of not knowing when he could be arrested.

An outbreak of a highly contagious delta variant in the Australian capital led to the closures, and as a result Disick’s income began to disappear, forcing him to sleep in the sand dunes, the newspaper said. ?

His lawyer said donors have raised around A$30,000 (£16,300) through fundraising drives to support legal costs and housing bills since his arrest.

The judge also acknowledged that Disick had changed in the decades since his conviction and Judge Jennifer Atkinson said: “He has clearly had an important impact on society.”

But Attorney General Scott William said the case had sparked a “romantic idea” of jailbreak, and demanded that he be imprisoned full-time, and added that there was a need to make sure that other prisoners contemplating jailbreak knew they would be punished no matter how long had passed. Run away when caught.



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