A woman was sexually harassed in the metaverse! Here are the details of the incident



What will be told below if someone looked at it in the year 2000 would confirm that it was just a fictional story or that it was a science fiction movie.

But in 2022 this fairy tale became a reality.

Without further suspense, here are the facts of this story:

informed A woman said that she was sexually harassed on the metaverse late last year and recounted and discussed her horrific experience, and the beginning of her story on her tongue was as follows:

Within 60 seconds of joining the metaphysics world I was verbally and sexually harassed by 3-4 male characters, with male voices, and my metaverse avatars were gang raped and photographed, while trying to get away.

In these terms, 43-year-old Nina Jane Patel described what happened to her, as she listened to the virtual reality platform “Horizon Worlds”, created by Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook.

London-based Nina wrote:

I had a terrible experience that happened so quickly and before I even thought about putting the safety barrier in place.

She added in a statement sent via email to Source:

Harassment in metaviruses is a serious issue that the industry needs to work on to put in place the right security controls and safety procedures.

Otherwise, this will remain a problem for both men and women (adults) as our world is rapidly transitioning from the 2D internet as we know it to the 3D metaphysical space.

The sample most affected, of course, will be our children, who will start using metaviruses in the coming years.

In her letter, she continued:

The inevitable transition to metaviruses now causes further concerns if it is not properly regulated and controlled for this vulnerable age group on the back of robust research, science, data and evidence-based methodologies.

Indeed, the assault that this woman was subjected to on the platform makes us concerned about the level of safety of metaviruses for adults and children alike.

As is well known, virtual reality is basically designed so that the mind and body cannot distinguish between virtual and digital experiences.

The woman in the story above told about this by saying:

In some cases, my physiological and psychological response was as if it had occurred in real life.

Meta’s response:

Joe Osborne, a spokesperson for Meta, told The Post:

The company will make improvements to ensure everyone’s safety.

We are sorry to hear what happened with this woman.

We want everyone at Horizon Venues to have a positive experience, and to easily find safety tools that can help in a situation like this and help us investigate and take action.

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