Learn about the story of an old woman who turned a $3,000 Bitcoin investment into $320,000



Analysts often praise patient investors who prefer common sense over emotion.

In one of the recently published reports, it was stated that a 69-year-old retiree from the Zionist entity managed to convert 10,000 shekels of bitcoin, worth about $3,000 at the time, to 1,000,000 shekels (about $324,000). In the span of eight years.

Bank Hapoalim – one of the largest banks of the Zionist entity – refused to accept the profits because the source of the initial investment may have been related to illegal financial operations.

Criticism is the problem:

In 2013, a 69-year-old retiree decided to enter the cryptocurrency market by investing around $3,240.

Despite her age of 69, the pensioner said she was young in spirit, and that her young relatives had mainly influenced her decision. She stated:

I listened to my son and my nephews, to the youth, and said I will try to do it.

Without any knowledge of the subject, I would never have thought that 10,000 shekels would become almost a million shekels.

Although she was able to multiply her investment 100 times, Bank Hapoalim refused to deposit the amount transferred from the platform she used as the initial amount was deposited years ago in cash.

The bank clarified that the source of the funds may be related to money laundering or terrorist financing.

In addition, the institution identified some of the notorious dark sides of the digital asset industry that banks typically provide, and noted:

The characteristics of virtual currencies (i.e. digital) allow for their anonymous and unsupervised transfer, and the need to use financial factors that apply to the AML/CFT regime is often bypassed.

To get a better chance of getting her money, the old woman appointed a lawyer for her and opened a lawsuit against the bank.

The pensioner said that over the years she had been a loyal customer of the bank and needed money so she could help one of her children. She added:

The bank knows my behavior.

I have no money anywhere else, only in Bank Hapoalim.

They know I don’t launder capital or do business outside the bank.

I am retired.

All four of my children have bank accounts.

Money I need to help one of my children buy an apartment.

As we pointed out above and the witness from the story is that patience (8 years) and not rushing into the decision to sell may convert a small amount to a decent amount, as this old woman did, and the options should be carefully studied, those related to how to withdraw money.

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