Here’s everything we know about the next generation of Apple cars:



The status of “Apple” – which is the technology and the first company to increase its price to three trillion dollars – is determined by the direction of the electric car. And the beginning of special efforts was made to enter the public car industry in 2014, but after the generals, only the company left the legitimate company for the right to take the lead.

And in the first stages of the journey, it is thought that the company of Abel wrote the line for the journey of individuals in one of them, from the entry of the operating companies in the car industry. And with that, and because of a series of problems and constraints, the association of cooperation with the manufacturer of planets.

And after the years have passed since the suspension of the legitimacy, the news of the company of Abel Rabbah appears to be accompanied to the industry of vehicles, especially after the pious man is like Abl in many numbers.

Possible partnerships:

Safar, for example, has been deploying technology to Asia on September / September last year to meet officials in the Toyota company and plan a possible partnership.

And in that sense, it’s a sign that the other side of the coin is like the company of Abel Al-Taqwa with the “South Asia” (SK Group) South Korea and “to the electronics” (LG Electronics) .

He joined the company of Abel with other companies in the general past, with him in “Nissan”, “Magna”, “Hyundai” and others, but he was not mentioned.

And this’s until the expiration date of the thickened product for the purchase of water will be announced until 2025.

Apple car Apple car source:  الصحافة البريطانية الركت:
المصمم ديفانغا بورا نشر هذا التصميم التخيلي لساية ابل علي وقان يانكو دیزاین (الصحافة البريطانية)

Planet of the essence of supreme guidance:

And the most common rumor mentioned is that the company of Abel is often used in the aftermath of the development of a high-powered amber planet with duties independent of the perception of the soul.

This is the new Abel mobile carrier system (carOS), and its integrated central operating system similar to the Tesla test system. And what is expected is that the development of the ablution will take place on all sides of the road.


And the system of occupation, which is to admire the scales of transmission, promotion, and the signals of the sign, in addition to the insights which reach into the treatment of the statements. And the company is now leading the “CarPlay” program for different companies, which is limited by the power of the good and the occupation of the media.

Withdrawal of expertise from competitors:

In spite of the transfer of many of the managers of the influential people in “Tasla” to Abel through the narrations of the past few months, it does not exist until now that he points to the existence of a planet or the essence of the prayer.

As it is possible to see the last guide on the line of the future Abel in the world of cars from the time of his assignment, the general public of the past to the legitimate resistance of the electric car. Wakeranz, formerly responsible for enforcing “BMW” and the news of the current of electric vehicles belonging to the German car industry.

Abel’s illusory decisions:

The British company “Vanarama” claims to rent cars from the products of the current Abel and the invention of the invention in various magazines and the sincerity of the planet Abel from a number of angles, based on the evidence of the invention of Abel.

And if you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself.

Bora says, “You wanted to make a decision in different ways, but at that time, the action itself was simply separate in the time of communication because of the continuous increase of the process.”

We still have a long way to go:

The company of Abel has been able to work on its travels with complete independent electricity, and with that, it is necessary to apply the technology so that it does not increase after years of divorce.

According to the news of the market, it is possible for the Abel company to sell about 1.5 million units by the end of the general year 2030 as soon as the plans are for sale.

And when we do not listen to rumors about the decisions and descriptions of technology and their partners are likely to produce, there is no confirmation of the technology company itself, absolutely rumors around the planet Abel amber.



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