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Agile Store Locator Nulled Is one WordPress Plugins Premium Google Maps is designed to give you instant access to all the best shops in your local area.



The Agile Store Locator (Google Maps) For WordPress plugin can be used for store listings, deals listings, hotel listings, real estate listings, restaurant listings, job listings, etc. It allows you to find the best stores. and their location thanks to the power of Google Maps. Our store locator plugin uses the Google Maps V3 API to give you instant, accurate information about each store tailored to your customer’s requirements.

Features: Agile Store Locator (Google Maps) For WordPress

  • 5 Beautiful themes for user interface.
  • Multiple layouts with list and sort options.
  • Accordion template with Country, State, City and Store hierarchies.
  • Color Palette for Google Maps Plugin UI Color Selection.
  • Many beautiful InfoWindows.
  • Additional template for deals site to show their interesting deals on Maps.
  • Additional template for Real Estate websites to display Properties and categorize them into Sale, Rent and Featured.
  • Easily customize your info window content, which is a very unique feature.
  • Easily customize your store listing just by adding a few keywords.
  • Admin Dashboard for Store Locator with all your marker, store, category and search stats.
  • Analytic bar graphs to show search users which locations they searched the most and which stores were seen the most.
  • Analytical Bar Chart to Show Searches, Top Stores and Top Locations.
  • Choose a time for each day for every location.
  • Clone any Store with one click.
  • Add a marker with each category, switch between the category marker and the default marker.
  • 2 Location Prompt Dialog for Geo Location.
  • The 2nd Location prompt dialog asks the user to enter his Default Location in case the site does not use SSL.
  • Assign multiple categories to a single store.
  • All ASL Settings can be Overridden by the Shortcode Attribute.
  • Add min and max zoom level for your google maps.
  • Fetch Location Coordinates (Latitude/Lng) when you enter a store address.
  • Too many markers? Enable marker grouping.
  • Full-width interactive Google Maps template.
  • Logo Management Panel.
  • Marker management board.
  • Select 12- or 24-hour Store Time Format.
  • Select the Distance Miles/KM unit.
  • The marker is draggable to the PinPoint Location.
  • Manage Markers icons with names (UPDATE, ADD and Delete).
  • Set the zoom level of the clicked marker.
  • Manage Category icons with names (UPDATE, ADD and Delete).
  • Import/Export Store Excel Sheet with all columns.
  • Delete all stores with one click.
  • Choose a type of Google Maps Hybrid, Route, Satellite, or Terrain.
  • The location prompt displays a dialog box to confirm sharing the current location.
  • Show Distance to each Store from Current Location.
  • Set Default Zoom for your Map.
  • Load on fetch is limited Only the markers of the screen.
  • Custom Filters option.
  • Turn off the scroll wheel.
  • Show Additional Information about the Store.
  • Enable/Disable Advanced Filter.
  • Assign markers to each category and enable category markers.
  • Draw Shapes/Circles around your best positions.
  • Change the Placeholder Text for your search field.
  • Show Category Icon instead of Marker icon.
  • Enable/Disable Distance Slider.
  • Set Default Lat/Lng for your Map.
  • Change Header Text Title.
  • Change the font color for the Default Template.
  • Change the Category Title Text.
  • Enable/Disable Store List Panel.
  • Store search with Search by Store ID, Title, Description, Street, State, City, Phone, Email, URL, Postal Code, Disabled, Marker, Expression Display and Creation Date in WP-Admin Store Manager.
  • Customize your google map with Multicolor Drawing Overlay (Polygon, Rectangle, Circle).
  • Select the Map view from the Snazzy Map.
  • Search by Address with auto-scroll option.
  • Filter store locators by category for multiple store locators.
  • Add Google Layers to Show Traffic, Vehicle and Bicycle Classes.
  • Enable bookmark animation.
  • Total Store Counter with Live Updates as you Rotate through the Map.
  • Limit your google Search to Country.
  • Toggle between Google Search and Search by title on the Store Locator.
  • Enable Full Width for your Plugin.
  • Enable/Disable Analytics.
  • Enable/Disable Sort by Limit.
  • Add text for “Item not found”.
  • Show Nearest Stores from search location.
  • Default category selection option
  • Option to select Map Language
  • Option to select Map Area for Cells
  • Manger Logo with List
  • Custom templates in your theme
  • Set Fixed Radius Value for Range Slider
  • Full-page and corrected map
  • Set radius limit for slider
  • Update existing stores using Import
  • Open Directions in Google Maps Mobile App
  • Sort by Distance, Name, City and State
  • Custom order supported
  • Circle Radius for Search Range
  • Option to place Map on top or mobile list
  • [ASL_SEARCH redirect=”URL-of-Store-Locator”]
  • More than 80 advanced options for Admin.

Changelog: Agile Store Locator (Google Maps) For WordPress

***ALERT! Old Templates breaking changes***
Template 0,1,2,3 has been revamped to better UI/UX
Migrated from Bootstrap 3 to 4+
Color & Font Customizer is integrated
Tabs filters are added

17-03-2022 - v4.7.9
Borlab Cookies Plugin Compatible
Added Option to Show only selected Store

v4.7.8 - 05-03-2022
Multiple languages stores data can be feeded

v4.7.7 - 24-02-2022
Customization section added to directly modify the templates
Cluster library is updated
Address Dropdown for Country, State & Cities
Applied max_bound for Search Zoom
Template 3 has dropdowns for addresses
direction_mode="walking" (driving, bicycling, walking, transit, two_wheeler)

v4.7.5 - 24-02-2022
Customization section added to directly modify the templates
Cluster library is updated
Address Dropdown for Country, State & Cities
Applied max_bound for Search Zoom
Template 3 has dropdowns for addresses
direction_mode="walking" (driving, bicycling, walking, transit, two_wheeler)

v4.7.2 - 24-01-2022
Compatible with WordPress 5.9
Changed the admin ASL Settings UI
Fixed analytics in the list template
Product is replaced by "Specialities"

v4.6.43 - 12-01-2022
Upgraded the underscore.js library
Store Detail page supports map_layout attribute
Supports Polyline Drawing

v4.6.42 - 07-12-2021
Added Filter Markers Option in the Category Accordion Templates
Enhanced the "Fetch Missing Coordinates feature"
Fixed the Same Hours button issue
Added click_redirect="website" option (Redirect on click of the marker)

= v4.6.36 09-07-2021 =
Boundary Box for search
Print Store List option
Compatible with 5.8 WordPress

= v4.6.32 =
Added support for the cronjob
Replace setCenter to panTo
Fixed the cache issue when folder doesn't exist

13.07.2016 - ver 1.0
- Added Google Maps API Key Option
- Fixed: The position of ASL, previously it was putting at the top of the Page
- Tried to remove the conflict of jQuery if already added in admin
- Fixed: Google Maps Cluster was not disabling Properly
- Fixed: Distance Slider was not disabling

-Add RTL and translation support in WP Plugin
-Week Days selection in WP Admin
-Full-Width Map Store Locator
-Show and Hide List Store Locator List
-Time Format 24 Hours

-Added Logo_image in Excel Import

-Added Separate Time for Each Day - Add time slot for each day
-Added Duplicate Store feature
-Added Layers and Shapes on google maps
-Allow to Set Zoom when item Clicked on google maps

- Fixed Issue with VC
- Add new marker images
- Minor bugs fixed

- Dashboard and Analytics Added
- Top Searched and Top Views Stores Added
- Added MinZoom and MaxZoom for Google Maps

- Minor issues fixed
- Deal Maps Plugin
- Real Estate Maps Plugin

- Accordion Template minor fix
- Added User Help in Backend

- Added Help text in Admin

- Removed jQuery UI from Admin
- Added Some Fixes
- Fixed Editor issue

Add Logo Manager
Fix marker sorting issue in admin
Upgraded UI
Fix glyphicon Issue
Show Nearest Search Location

Add Logo Manager
Full Height Fixed
Full Height Feature
Fixed category Click

Updated RTL CSS
Default Category Selection
Added Default Map Added
Map Region Added Map Language

Added Customization Template Option
Added qTranslate Compatibility
Fixed Minor issues
Added Fixed_Radius parameter
Updated CSS

Added Fix for Category Icon Path
Updated Admin CSS
Removed Conflict of Bootstrap Modal
Removed Conflict of Bootstrap Dropdown

Updated Bootstrap JS file
Removing a Notice from a file

Moved Action buttons to Left in Manage Stores
Added Update Stores option in Import/Export
Open Map in Mobile App
Fixed missing multi-lingual words

version 3.2.0
Moved Action buttons to Left in Manage Stores
Added Update Stores option in Import/Export
Open Google Map in Mobile App
Fixed missing multi-lingual words
Added Sorting by Name, Distance, City, and State

Mobile Optimize
target _blank for website
Limit to Categories
Add drop-down for Selection
Multiple Dates for a Store
Full-Day ON/OFF
Updated no_script HTML
Updated start time and End time from admin
RTL of new work
Translation Updated

Backup Assets
Import Assets

Option to Select Search Button Type
Sort by Logo

Set your own Custom Store List Order
Sort by Store ID

Option to Limit No # of Stores in List
Smooth Pan Option
Set Search Zoom
Set Default Location Marker
Set Limit to Store Logo Width n Height
Set Limit to Category Icon Width n Height
Set Limit to Marker Icon Width n Height

Add Reset Option in Categories
Added Search by Store City, State (Beta Version)
Added Notification of Google Maps API Error

Fetch Missing Lat/Lng without reimport
Remove other Google Maps scripts
Remove the chance of Conflict in Accordion Layout

Add a Radius Circle for Search

Minor glitch fixed
Added new countries in the Country List

Fixed Countries table issue of the last build

Tested with WordPress 5

Add auto-scroll to the list
Translation in admin
Support CSV with Excel sheet
Second Search with search_2 parameter

Modern Admin UI with Bootstrap 4
MySQL query stress reduced for Admin
minor updates

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Download Agile Store Locator (Google Maps) v4.7.16 Nulled Free

if it shows enter key then exit and re-enter, it won’t show anymore

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.



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